Water Painting Activity for Toddlers & Babies

Need a fun activity for your toddler without any preparation time?  Let’s look at this Simple Water Painting Activity for Toddlers and Babies. Sanjay has a great affinity for water and on this day I was not ready for a lot of mess (I, mean water is less messy than paint, right?).  We tried this simple painting activity with water. I took a bowl of water (keep it less for less mess!).  Gave Sanjay paper and brush and let him explore.  It was such a blast and he loved this work. Of course, we had spills and we took advantage of the same to learn another practical life activity to clean up the mess.

So, if you want to make dinner and are looking for some less messy work then this is the go-to activity. You can try this with your baby as early as 12 months old with supervision.

Painting with Veggies and Seeds

Looking for some colored twist to this simple water painting work? A cut beetroot can be used as a brush, it creates little more interest in the work with its beautiful red color. Similarly, we can use mango seed as a brush for painting. Mango seeds also help in palm grasp, as they are slippery and a toddler really needs to hold it tight for proper grip. It’s just a little tweak in the work here and there and your toddler will enjoy it to the core.

Benefits of Art Work

There are tremendous benefits of starting art work with kids at a young age, some of which are as below:

  • Fun and lot of fun
  • Helps in calming down
  • Promotes creativity
  • Fine Motor Skills


Of course, you want your toddler to explore colors too.

Check out this post on homemade non-toxic paint for Toddlers and Babies.

Do let me know what artwork thrills your toddler.

Happy parenting!!





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