Pushing Straw in Cardboard box- Fine Motor Skills Activity


Pushing Straw in a Cardboard box is a simple activity that can keep your toddler busy for quite some time ( a toddler’s mom would understand what it means to keep a toddler busy for 5 continuous mins!). You can set this up in no time and your toddler will enjoy this work a lot. Pushing Straw in a cardboard box is an excellent Fine Motor Skills Activity. If your toddler is still mouthing things then do keep extra caution and vigilance while doing this activity.

Materials needed

  • An empty cardboard box( one in which you get your couriers)
  • A pen or pencil to make the holes
  • Straws cut in various length

How to set up the activity?

Punch holes in the cardboard box with pencil /pen. You can make multiple holes. Make sure the holes are just enough for the straw to slide in. Keep the straws in a bowl and invite your toddler to explore this fun work.

Watch this activity live in action in the video below.

What did my toddler learn?

Even though this activity seems easy there is lot of hard work involved on a young toddler’s part and lots of learning too

Here is what my son worked on while doing this activity

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Concentration

The game’s highlights

Sanjay enjoyed Pushing Straw in Cardboard box activity a lot. I used a big sturdy Amazon box, so Sanjay enjoyed sitting on top of it and doing this work too!

Do try this activity and comment below how your toddler enjoyed doing this activity!

Happy Parenting!!

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