Montessori Inspired Fine Motor Skill Activity using Popsicle sticks

Before we get into the details of the activity in this post, here are a few important tips to keep in mind while doing any activity with a toddler.

  • Let the little hands explore the materials as they want.
  • All activities might not end up the way you planned them. Enjoy the process and not the final result.
  • If your toddler is not interested in a particular activity do not force them. Remove it and reintroduce it a couple of days later, they might like it then.
  • Many toddlers still explore things through their mouth, hence be prepared and adult supervision is a must to ensure safety.
  • These activities might sound simple but for the little hands, these are quite challenging hence we should always encourage them even if they are unable to do it right!

Fine motor skills require using small muscles in the fingers, hands, and forearms. These skills are very important for doing many daily activities like buttoning the shirt, turn pages of a book or tying shoe laces etc. Popsicle Stick Drop in a Container is an activity which we have been enjoying a lot. Let’s have a detailed look at this Montessori inspired Fine Motor Skill Activity for Toddlers using Popsicle sticks.


Materials needed

  • An empty container from the kitchen
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Utility Knife for the preparation part.

How to set up the activity?

I took an empty container from the kitchen and cut a few holes in the lid, just enough for the Popsicle sticks to pass through. Intentionally I made the holes at different angles for a bit of challenge. In a tray, I kept this container along with the Popsicle sticks and demonstrated how to insert the same once. My son wanted to try immediately. It was fun watching him doing the work. The different angles of the holes in the container increased the challenge for him. I restrained myself from helping him unless he asked for.

Check out the video below for some hands on action. Do subscribe to my Youtube Channel for regular updates.

Even though this activity seems easy there is a lot of hard work involved on a young toddlers part and lots of learning too.

What did my toddler learn?

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Concentration

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