PomPom Push – the simplest activity to keep a toddler busy!


Looking for ways to keep your toddler busy?Pompoms are one of the easiest and mess free craft materials with which you can you set up a ton of activities. I refrained from trying this activity worrying about the mouthing part until this day when I needed to set up some quick while being engaging as well. To my surprise, Pompom push activity was also a big hit in our home, in addition, to being mess free. Hence I crown it with the title ” PomPom Push – the simplest activity to keep a toddler busy!

The most noteworthy aspect of this activity is that it can be set up in various ways and with almost no cost. The reason I love this kind of work is that it not only requires very less preparation time but also can occupy a toddler for at least 5 minutes straight( common that’s like a big win!!).

Caution: Pompom balls are colorful and a toddler might find it delicious, therefore parental supervision is must for such activities especially if your toddler is still mouthing.


Materials needed

  1. Old container
  2. PomPom
  3. Scissors/Knife

How to set up and present this activity?

  • Take any container/box from your kitchen.  Here I have used an old oats container. Poke some holes on its lid with the help of scissor or knife. The hole should be just big enough for the pom poms to pass through.
  • Close the lid
  • Keep the pompom in a bowl next to it.
  • Show your child how to do this activity by carefully picking one pompom at a time with your index finger and thumb and pushing it slowly into the hole.
  • Invite your child to explore this simple work to his heart’s content.

What does the child learn from this activity?

  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Concentration

These activities are so much fun and toddlers can continue doing it for a long time and keep coming back to the same again when interested.

My toddler was also interested in opening the container, dumping pompoms and repeating the entire work. Some materials for variations in this activity include

  • Cheerios
  • Pasta
  • Peanuts

Adult Supervision is required for all activities posted on itsallaboutkidsplay.com.

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Try out POMPOM PUSH for your tot,  I am sure they would love it!



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