Homemade Paint for toddlers & babies

My son is getting his molars and mouthing things but that does not stop us from exploring the fun world of art and painting. I decided to make this simple homemade paint that would be suitable for toddlers/babies. Homemade paint is an easy, safe and less expensive alternative to store-bought paint. This recipe for homemade paint for toddlers & babies has all natural ingredients and is non-toxic.


  • Yogurt/ Curd
  • Colors
    • Yellow- turmeric powder
    • Red- beetroot juice
    • Green – spinach juice
    • Blue- blueberry juice
    • Orange- grated orange peel


Recipe for Homemade Non-Toxic Paint

 Mix yogurt with beetroot juice in a bowl for making red color paint. Similarly, any other color paint can be made with all natural coloring options as mentioned in ingredients above. Any fruits or vegetable can be added for various coloring options based on availability. Let your child paint to their heart’s content. This homemade paint is non-toxic and chemical free hence safe even if they put in the mouth. This is a great sensory work for toddlers/ babies as they explore paint with their hand or brush.

Homemade paint recipe for babies and toddlers. This is non toxic and excellent for babies who are still mouthing

Homemade Paint effects

Sanjay loves painting and he calls it “P-P”, can’t yet spell painting :). It’s so adorable when is asks for “P:P” that Mama does not mind all the mess involved. Yes, we do have fun taking bath as we clean up:)

The next day we did this same work and I involved Mr. S in the mixing part too. It is such a great practical life work and he enjoyed painting more because he had made it himself.

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What paints do you use for your toddler? Do try this simple homemade paint recipe for toddlers and babies and let me know your experience.

Happy Parenting!



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