Montessori Inspired Toddler Shelf Work- Theme Aluminum Foil

I am excited to share with you the Montessori inspired shelf work that I had set up for my son when he was  19 months-old. We had been doing random work earlier and just moved to more structured shelf work during this time.So, let’s have a quick look at the activities.

Practical life

Here I included a scooping activity. To add the sensorial exploration of aluminum foil, I just wrapped some golf balls with the foil and placed in a basket. What my son needs to do is scoop the balls and transfer the same into the muffin tin. He will also learn one to one correspondence from the same. I do expect him to try peeling the aluminum foil and take the ball out of the same.


Shape matching activity: I made some shapes using thermocol and wrapped the same using aluminum foil. In this activity, Sanjay will have to match these foiled shapes with the shapes from shape sorter.

Memory and logic

This is such a fun activity. I identified few materials around the house which I thought Sanjay can surely identify by shapes e.g. banana, ball etc. and then wrapped them with foil. In this game, he must identify the object by its shape without seeing it the way he has seen it always. He had so much fun playing this, he so kept ripping the foil open to know if the guess was right.


Read a book called  “Very First Words” by USborne. It’s a very simple book but excellent for building kids language.


We will try painting with the different medium like crayons, pencil color and paint on aluminum foil and explore the difference compared to paper.

Matching Activity

I chose one of my son’s interested things (socks) for a shelf work. We explored Socks matching activity, in which he needs to match pairs of socks kept in a basket. Sanjay has a great love for socks as he thinks that he can go out only when he wears socks and shoes:) .

Do head over to my YouTube channel to have a detailed look at the videos of this shelf work and how these were explored and liked by Mr. S.

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