Montessori Inspired Apple Unit Study

October is the national Apple month in the USA. We had a great time visiting an apple orchard this year. There are many farms in and around the city of Redmond(WA, USA), which offer U pick apple service. In such farms, we can pick apples from the trees ourselves and based on the weight of the apples we pay the farmers. If you have not gone for apple picking with your kids, you should head over to the nearest farm and enjoy this nature work with your child!

Given all the love for apples post the apple farm visit I thought it is the best time to set up an Apple-themed Shelf work for my toddler son. This Montessori Inspired Apple Unit Study would include practical life, sensorial, fine motor skills, math & sorting, the life cycle of an apple, Matching and language work.

Apple Picking

This was the first time we visited an apple orchard and I was as excited as my toddler son.  We were awe-struck by seeing the beautiful red apples and jumped to taste them right away. The tree was just a few feet in height hence my son could pick apples himself. We would have bagged the entire apples in the farm if we could. They were delicious and juicy. What I observed is that a toddler’s interest in eating apple increases post this activity because they associate each apple being eaten with the one they picked. Here are some glimpses of us picking apples.

Apple picking in an apple farm Apple picking in an apple farm

Practical life activity: Slicing an apple for Snack**

Toddlers can be fussy eaters. If a toddler is involved in preparing his own food they tend to like it more because it is a fruit of their hard work. I got an apple slicer with a handle as shown in the picture below.

Practical Life Work with apples- Apple slicingThis is not too sharp and the handle provides proper grip for toddlers to do the work. While browsing Pinterest I found this awesome tip to help toddlers do the slicing work. We need to cut the apples in circular disks as shown below. If the disk size is thin then it would be easier for a younger toddler to slice it and enjoy his fruit.

Fine Motor Skills

Here is handmade apple shaped lacing board. Lacing is a great fine motor skills activity and helps in hand-eye coordination.  This apple-shaped lacing board was fun to make and blends well with our Montessori Inspired Apple Unit Study.

Fine Motor Skills work- lacing board in shape of apple

Life Cycle of an Apple – Matching and language Game

We had fun doing some matching work on the life cycle of an apple. I found this interesting printable from this blog. Download the printable here and take two copies of the same and use it for doing simple matching work. For older kids who can read, these can also be used as a 3-part card.

Life Cycle of an Apple

Color Sorting with apples

I made apples of different colors using play dough. This is a simple color sorting activity where the child needs to put the colored apples in the corresponding bowl and sort them based on color.  For an older toddler, you can also ask them to count the number of apples in each color. Another practical life work would be to use tongs to transfer these apples.

color sorting with apples made from play dough

 Stacking apples

stacking and counting apples

“Ten Apples up on the top” by Dr. Seuss is a great book for toddlers. Our Montessori Inspired Apple Unit Study would have been incomplete without reading this book or doing some activity around it. This fun book features a tiger, a dog, and a lion balancing an apple on their head. My son has great memories of reading this book with his grandparents during their recent vacation with us. To extrapolate the love for this book I set up this simple stacking work.  Take some wooden blocks and stick pictures of apple around it using tape. These apple blocks can be used for stacking on the tray, on our heads, on the dog and just do all the fun work as mentioned in this book.

Apple-themed artwork

We did this fun artwork using dot markers. I found this free printable from We worked with dot markers for the first time and it was fun. Another way to use this printable is for one to one correspondence work. Ask your toddler to place pom -poms on corresponding circles.

Apple dot marker art

Let’s head over to my youtube channel to get a detailed look at the shelf and some glimpses of us doing the activities.

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** Ensure adult supervision is done throughout this activity. First, demonstrate the usage of the slicer to your child and then if you think they are capable enough to try it let them too with proper monitoring.


  • Katie October 15, 2017 at 1:58 am

    Thank you for sharing my Apple Do-a-Dot printables!

    • srividya October 15, 2017 at 7:23 pm

      I need to thank you for making it available to all of us:)

  • Ramya October 14, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    We had our first year at an Apple farm too this year.Unfortunately we went late and there was no apple picking.But my son enjoyed the tractor ride and other fun activities.You gave me some nice ideas?.

    • srividya October 14, 2017 at 10:56 pm

      Hi Ramya.. Oh thats so sad that you missed picking this year. If you are in USA, it starts around 10 sep. Do check the farm website ahead to plan and i hope you get to experience it next time. Glad you liked the ideas 🙂


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