Lock and Key- Fine Motor Skills Activity

A 17-month-old toddlers mom knows how difficult it is to keep the little one busy and occupied. A  LOCK  and KEY  fascinated my little one beyond my imagination. He was busy for straight 15 mins doing this activity again and again and even came back to it later in the day. Let’s have a detailed look at this simple fine motor skills activity with Lock and Key.

Materials needed for this activity

  1. Lock
  2. Key

We were on vacation to my mom’s place and I saw this lock and key combination on one of the bookshelves at home and voila I immediately thought of this activity. I did not invite my son to teach him how to use it. I did it once while he was observing me from a distance, he came running to take it from me and try. For the first few minutes, he was struggling and could not do it. He kept holding the key on the edge and there was not enough length for it to penetrate inside the lock.He kept trying and finally could get the key inside the lock.


The most noteworthy aspect is that he kept redoing it again and again till something else attracted him more. I could never have imagined this simple work could keep him busy straight 15 minutes. The lock was located at a perfect height for him to reach. I admire how these little hearts have an inner drive to try, repeat and master these small skills.

What skills are learned?

This activity is not only engaging and an important practical life skill for our little locksmiths but also helps in improving the below skills.

  1.  Fine Motor Skills
  2. Concentration
  3. Hand Eye Coordination
  4.  Spatial awareness

What kind of activities keeps your toddler busy and happy? I would be so happy if you could share in comments below.


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