India Republic day themed shelf work for toddlers- Montessori inspired

I am super excited to share with you India Republic day themed shelf work that I have set for my toddler son. At the end of this post, there are few free printables that you can download and a link to a detailed video of the shelf work at the end.

Practical Life work- scooping dal/rice and making a tricolor flag.

Scooping/pouring and then vacuuming the mess is my son’s  current favorite work. Add glue to the work and it’s even more interesting. So here is our simple fun India themed practical life work. I have kept pulses in orange/ saffron, green color, and white & blue colored rice. What I intend to do with my son is make India’s flag with this rice/dal mixture. In this way, we can talk about the tricolors of the Indian flag, Ashoka chakra and have some exciting sensorial play.

  Language Work

For some language work, I plan to introduce my son to the national symbols of India. You can play I spy game with this or print out 2 copies and make it a matching work. If you have toy objects for these national symbols then it can also be extended as a picture to object matching work.

Sensorial Activity

Another craft /sensorial work is making Indian flag using popsicle sticks. There are going to be 2 parts to this work. One is coloring the popsicle sticks with saffron, green and white colors and letting them dry. Then stick the same on India flag outline made on paper and make a beautiful tri-color popsicle stick craft.

Sensorial Work- Olfactory sense

When we talk about India, one of the first thing that comes to our mind is spicy Indian food. We use a lot of spices in our home cooking too. While I cook, my son is mostly with me in the kitchen and we talk about what food we are cooking and what goes into the recipe etc. Here I decided to formally introduce my son to spice names and do a matchup work with real spices, smell them and feel them. Another extension of this activity would be naming few food items in which a particular spice is used in cooking( e.g. pepper in Pongal). Once the child is able to identify the spices by smell, we can play the Montessori smelling game as described here.

Puzzle work

For the puzzle work, firstly download the printable of India map from below. There are cutouts for 2,3 and 4 piece puzzles in the printable. Cut the map along the dotted lines as mentioned in the document to make map puzzle.For younger kids, you can laminate the puzzle for more durability.

Fine Motor Skill

Make a circle using paper and laminate the same. Then punch 24  holes in the border.  Make a big hole in the center of the circle. The idea here is to make 24 spokes of Ashoka chakra using a blue thread by sewing the thread from center to the holes in the border. This is a great activity for hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.

Visual Differentiation

Next, I have this beautiful printable on artistic animals from mummasdiaries blog. You can download the same here. It is a very nice activity for visual differentiation.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our India theme activities that you can do with your kids during Republic/Independence day or even on any other day :).

Check out the detailed video below.

Free Printables to download:

India Themed Activity- Spices of India

Map of India Puzzle

National Symbols of India

Do share your comments and feedback below, I would love to hear from you.

Happy Parenting!



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